Welcome to the Falls City Alliance Website.

Our mission is to defend the wild places in the Falls City area.
Although we started as a body of people wanting to save the Falls
City Falls from private intentions, our objective has grown into one
of protection for all our wilderness  along the Little Luckiamute
River in Oregon.
We believe that folks out here agree in the conservation of our own
little neck of the woods. It starts with getting our Falls back, but
our idea is to expand on that with a park and a kiosk describing the
history of the area. After that we would like to see a trail system
connecting our parks together.
Further, we have unifying ambitions that involve the community
getting together and performing various task in order to keep
things beautiful here. We encourage the citizens of this great town
as well as those of Polk County to join us in any way that you can.
This website is designed to let you interact with the FCA. All
questions, concerns and ideas are welcomed. You may become a
member if you want. Just let us know. We welcome all support and
we seriously want to address any concerns.   

This Site is  always under construction, so please stop back often...
Pictures Courtesy of Rick Zunk
With the rites of spring, 3 young men cross the Falls City Falls.
A big shout out to
everyone who came out to
the Falls City 3rd of July
festivities in the Upper
Park 2011.
It was a great time and a
ton of people showed up
for the fun and the
fireworks.  The Falls City
Alliance made over
$1200 to help
"Save the Falls".      
Thanks everyone for your
support,  your efforts and  
for helping us have
a really good time.
It was fun.
Contact us
Once again,
a big shout out to
all the people
who turned out
for the
3rd Annual
Bad to the Bone
in Falls City
Sat. Labor Day
It was a
great time.
A special thanks
to all the people
who contributed
time, resources
or both.
It means so
much to have so
much support to
Day and Auction
was April 14 and
we had an
awesome time.We
made $2400 all
together. The
Falls City
Alliance would
like to thank
everyone who
came out to
support us and
those who
donated to the
cause. It was
fun and
hopefully by
this time next
year we will be
celebrating the
return of our
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Casino Days 2012
Thanks Everyone for all
your can donations. We
surpassed our $1000 goal
and so we think that we
will keep excepting cans
as long as you want to
keep donating them.
Thank you again for all
your support!
Scroll down on the
Save the Falls
Campaign link to see
pictures from last year's
Casino Day
or click here
Falls City Alliance
We had a pretty good turnout
for the 3rd of July this year. It
was a strange one to be sure,
because it was in the middle of
the week. The parade was
huge too and a special thanks
goes out to the color gaurd for
starting us off this year. Also, a
big shout out for everyone who
helped, especially Domenica,
Bad to the Bone
was awesome
everybody. It was
seriously fun and
the turn out was
pretty good, the
food was great and
the music was the
We just want to
thank everyone that
helped out, we
really appreciate it.
Thanks for making
Bad to the Bone
bigger and
badder...follow the
BadtotheBone link
for pictures...
Check it out all you fantasitc
can donators; Your generous
donations generated over $2000
in the last 2 years that we have
had the can cart at Frink's
Store, downtown Falls City! We
thank the Frinks for their
constant generousity.






Can activity 2010 thru 2012
Thank You Everyone so much!
Can Update 2012:
The can donations
have done very well in
the last two years.
Our year end total is    
Wahoooo! Thanks
everyone, that is really
so cool of you.
We will start a new
arrow now, but just
scroll down to see the
old one.
Keep them coming a
nickel at a time goes a
long way.
Contact us
Hey everyone, Valentine's
Raffles were great fun,
thanks for all the support.
We will be holding more
raffles for St. Patrick's and
probably Easter, so if you
missed or like alot of us,
were sick, don't worry. We
will give you plenty of
opportunities to help our
cause to Save the Falls.
Thank You Falls
City for making the
Christmas Raffles a
success. It was a
really inspiring
Thanks to everyone
who came out to the
Save theFalls 3rd
Annual Casino Day,
Auction and, new this
year, Texas Hold'em
We did really well and
we appreciate the
support very much.
Thanks everyone for joining us at the Summer
Solstice Concert at the Upper Park in Falls City.
            It was a blast!
The 5th Annual
Bad to the Bone
Was  excellent!
Great Music, Great Food,
Good Friends and Good
We'd like to thank everyone
who came out to support us
and everyone who donated
to the celebration.
Special thanks go out to the
Winn's who generously let
us use their property and
the musicians who played
thier hearts out and rocked
the house. We'd also like to
thank Crop Productions for
juicing down the heliopad
and Van Wells for donating
the materials for the
horseshoe pits. And what
would Bad to the Bone be
without our awesome cooks
and barbaquers. Thanks you
guys. See everyone next
year. And please enjoy the
Falls once again!
Our 1st Texas Hold 'em
Tourney was sussessful,
thank you all for coming out
saved the Falls but now we
have to pay for them.
Click the picture
above to watch video
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Many of you have been filling
our a survey for us. This survey
is about   what Falls City and
Polk County residents  would
like to see at the Falls property.
If you haven't filled out a
survey, but want to, give us a
call at 505-991-2380.
Click here for Survey
The winner of the Ruger
Rifle Raffle is Josh Stroud
The winner of the
Leathermans Tool is
Sandy Granier.
Congradulations you guys.
everyone who
came out to the
6th Annual Bad
to the Bone.
And,  all you
venders and
partiers really
made the day a
success. It was
really fun.
Christmas Cash Raffle
WIN $1000
$10 per ticket
Winning ticket will be drawn on
Dec. 13th, 2014 at the
Boondocks in Falls City @
There's only 500 tickets, so get
them while you can.
Contact any Falls City Alliance
member or go to the Boondocks
to get your $1000 winner!